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Bring the CHAOS  home with you with just a few great products!

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Sneak Peek at our new Stylist Challenge Photo Shoot: ELEMENTS

Bless her heart… she’s in a bathtub filled with milk… 

Posted 7 months ago

Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot! Bring your loved one, (even if it’s your cat).  Feb. 14th 2014

Posted 8 months ago

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot! Bring your loved one, even if it’s your pet, and get a fun photo to celebrate love.

Posted 8 months ago

Kicking off 2014 with another photo challenge. Magazine Covers // Stylist Challenge.

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Posted 8 months ago

What do YOU love?

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Happy Holidays From Tobin & Jillian @ Shear Chaos Salon & Spa

Posted 11 months ago

We love Halloween around here.

Posted 12 months ago

Art Walkin in style.